The 11 most exciting electric vehicles hitting streets in 2022, from Fords electric F-150 to an ultra-sleek Cadillac SUV

In case you werent aware, Cadillac is going all-electric. Its very first EV, the Lyriq SUV, strikes dealerships in 2022 with an attractive base price of $59,995. Itll take on the Tesla Model Y, Jaguar I-Pace, and Audi E-Tron..
The long, sleek EV will deliver more than 300 miles of variety, GM says. Cadillac began accepting $100 reservations in September. Expect it to display all of the most current and biggest tech GM needs to use, consisting of a 33-inch chauffeur display and Super Cruise, the companys hands-free driving feature..

Fords F-Series pickup isnt just the very popular truck in the United States– its the most popular car, period. If vehicle business desire to bring cleaner cars to the masses, its going to take electrical variations of cars individuals already love..

Subarus first EV is can be found in mid-2022 through a collaboration with Toyota. Accordingly, the Subaru Solterra, from what we can collect from teaser photos, looks nearly similar to Toyotas upcoming bZ4X SUV..
Theres very little we understand about the Solterra, other than that it will come basic with four-wheel drive, like many Subarus..

Something is packing.

Mercedes-Benz EQB.

BMW i4.

The Bollinger B1.


Although EV start-up Canoos model names may be bland, its lorries themselves are anything however.
The Lifestyle Vehicle, a pill-shaped van that Canoo states can be adapted for all sorts of commercial and consumer uses, is set to introduce in late 2022. Canoo says it has the interior space of a large SUV and the footprint of a compact cars and truck..
It begins at $34,750 and assures 250 miles of variety. A Premium version will feature 7 seats and a scenic glass roofing system, while a future Adventure trim sports roofing system racks and a tow drawback..
Ford F-150 Lightning.

The Kia EV6.

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle.

The B2 shares a fundamental platform with the B1, however has a little bit more space for things out back thanks to its bed. Like the B1, it has helpful features like a pass-through that goes all the way down the center of the lorry. Also like its fraternal twin, its intending for a variety of 200 miles and a base price of $125,000..
By the numbers, the B2 will be able to hand with the very best of them. Bollinger says the dual-motor truck will be able to tow 7,500 pounds and have a payload capacity of 5,000 pounds..
Cadillac Lyriq.

The Bollinger B2.

A lot of battery-powered Cadillacs, BMWs, and Benzes en route, however its good to see more mainstream alternatives remain in the pipeline too. The EV6, the current EV from Kia, is an SUV-hatchback thing that the business guarantees will get up to 300 miles of variety..
Kia hasnt launched pricing yet, but expect the EV6 to run you somewhere in the mid-$ 40,000 variety to begin. Itll can be found in all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive variations..
Genesis GV60.

The F-150 Lightning begins at around $40,000 for a basic work truck, while the consumer-oriented XLT trim starts at around $55,000. The truck offers distinct features like a giant frunk and the capability to power your home in a blackout. As I discovered throughout a test flight, its mighty quick, too..
The F-150 Lightning guarantees up to 300 miles of range and deliveries start in spring 2022..
Fisker Ocean.

The Ford F-150 Lightning.

Bollinger B2.

The Mercedes-Benz EQB.

Kia EV6.

The Fisker Ocean.


The Cadillac Lyriq.

Bollinger Motors.

Bollinger Motors was supposed to deliver its first rugged vehicles in 2021, now states production will start in late 2022. That implies we have some possibility of seeing these things on the road by the close of that year..
The B1 SUV looks more like a classic Land Rover than any smooth new EV of the 2020s, which I believe is pretty neat. These cars do not come cheap, regardless of their exposed rivets and manual crank windows. A B1 will cost you $125,000..

Uncreative by the electric automobiles currently available? Lots more choices are coming your method..
Heaps of exciting EVs are striking US streets in 2022 from start-ups and established cars and truck companies..
The Ford F-150 Lightning, Cadillacs first EV, and Subarus debut e-SUV all get here next year..

The new, gigantic beaver-tooth grille that decorates a few of BMWs newest designs is controversial, to state the least. If you want to drive the luxury carmakers first real electric sedan come 2022, youll have to get on board..
The i4 will provide 335 horse power and a range of around 300 miles, BMW states. A sportier variation guarantees 536 horse power– at the expense of some range, obviously..
Bollinger B1.

Genesis, Hyundais luxury brand name, is getting into the EV video game. Like those two lorries, the GV60 has a hatchback shape thats revitalizing in a car market where hatchbacks are a dying breed.
Itll be offered in rear-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive, and performance versions..


EV start-up Fisker, established in 2016, plans to begin producing its very first model, the Ocean SUV, in late 2022. The SUV will be constructed by Magna Steyr, an Austrian contract producer. Fisker is the second automobile business from Henrik Fisker, whose Fisker Automotive sold the hybrid Karma luxury sedan starting in 2011 and went out of service in 2014..
We dont know numerous information about the Ocean yet, however Fisker states itll have a beginning cost of $37,499.

Bollinger Motors.

The Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle.



The BMW i4.

These vehicles dont come cheap, regardless of their exposed rivets and manual crank windows. Like the B1, it has beneficial functions like a pass-through that goes all the method down the center of the automobile. The long, smooth EV will provide more than 300 miles of variety, GM states. EV startup Fisker, founded in 2016, prepares to start producing its first model, the Ocean SUV, in late 2022. Like those two cars, the GV60 has a hatchback shape thats revitalizing in a vehicle market where hatchbacks are a dying breed.




The Genesis GV60.

Mercedes-Benz is preparing an onslaught of new electric SUVs and sedans over the next few years. If any of its models are going to sell in genuine numbers, it will not be the $100,000 EQS sedan or the unquestionably more pricey electric G-Wagen..
The companys first electrical SUV for the US, the EQB will check a lot of boxes for a lot of people. Itll have seating for 7, a small-ish footprint, and a more friendly starting price somewhere around $50,000.
Subaru Solterra.


The Subaru Solterra.

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