Texas man who fatally shot Moroccan man in unfamiliar car in driveway charged with murder

Adil Dghoughi. When he came back to examine on the vehicle, the headlights were back on and the car “started to rapidly speed up in reverse,” the affidavit said. Turner chased after the car, broke the chauffeurs side window with his weapon and then shot through it.
We call for a transparent and independent examination into the killing of Mr. Dghoughi, who was unarmed and in his car when shot.”

Turner told police that he had awakened in the middle of the night to use the restroom, and saw a vehicle he wasnt acquainted with in his driveway, NBC affiliate KXAN reported, citing an affidavit.

Adil Dghoughi. (KXAN) Turner said the cars and trucks headlights were off, and he went to get his weapon. When he returned to examine the car, the headlights were back on and the vehicle “started to rapidly accelerate in reverse,” the affidavit stated. Turner chased the car, broke the motorists side window with his weapon and then shot through it.
When he called cops, he stated: “I simply killed a guy” and “tried to pull a weapon at me, I shot.”
Police did not find a weapon inside the Dghoughis Audi.
Dghoughi had immigrated to the U.S. from Morocco in 2013 and made a masters degree in monetary analysis from Johnson & & Wales University in Rhode Island, according to Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is advocating for a thorough examination into his killing.
After Turners arrest, CAIR-Austin Executive Director Faizan Syed stated: “We invite the arrest, however our work is refrained from doing. We will continue to promote for justice for the household of Adil Dghoughi and for all the households in Texas and across the country affected by gun violence.”
” Stand your ground laws throughout our country have a history of being utilized to dedicate legal violence against individuals of color,” Syed stated. “This event is tragic to the family who lost a loved one under suspicious situations. We require an independent and transparent examination into the killing of Mr. Dghoughi, who was unarmed and in his automobile when shot.”
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CAIR hosted a vigil for Dghoughi beyond the Texas Capitol Building in Austin on Saturday. A GoFundMe for his household has actually raised $45,000.
Turner published bail and was launched, Kyle McConnell, a patrol lieutenant with the Caldwell County Sheriffs Office, informed NBC News on Monday.
CAIR and Dghoughis household revealed their aggravation that it had actually taken more than a week to apprehend Turner.
“Why did it take them 10-days to make the arrest,” his brother, Othmane Dghoughi, informed KXAN.
Othmane Dghoughi stated the family believes his bro might have gotten lost while driving from Austin to his girlfriends house in Maxwell, just north of Martindale.

A Texas man who responded to an unidentified vehicle in his driveway by fatally shooting the motorist was charged recently with murder.
Terry Duane Turner, 65, was jailed Friday and charged with killing Adil Dghoughi, according to the Caldwell County Sheriffs Office.
Deputies had actually reacted to reports of a shooting in Martindale, about 40 miles south of downtown Austin, at around 3:30 a.m. on Oct. 11 and discovered Dghoughi had been shot in his automobile. He was noticable dead at the health center.

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