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Thats not something that Canucks fans are used to, really. The NHL providing a break on scheduling?

Not this time.

The NHLs modified schedules were released today as expected. We discovered the upgraded Vancouver Canucks video games the other day, and yet, seeing it published officially is when it truly began to hit me that, “hello, they made out like bandits.”

The National Hockey League and Vancouver Canucks revealed today 7 new dates for video games that were held off due to COVID-19 related problems.
— Vancouver #Canucks (@Canucks) January 19, 2022

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Maybe a couple of years in the Mike Gillis age, after much lobbying and grumbling, did the Canucks lastly get a couple of concessions. For the a lot of part, by virtue of geography alone, not conspiracy, the Canucks have actually had to roll with a lot of punches.

I imply, thats nearly simple.

The Canucks replacement games during what was expected to be the Winter Olympics are games on the 8th and 9th of February, then not until the 12th– all at house. They play in San Jose on the 17th, and then not up until the 19th, the 21st, and the 24th for three video games back at Rogers Arena.

Not the opposition always, however the pacing? Pretty simple!

Compare that to others in the Pacific Division?

Thinking about the Canucks are chasing two of those three teams, theres really opportunity there for Vancouver to take advantage. It suggests an opportunity for Demko to play more of those games, if not all, versus a circumstance where the Canucks would be forced to utilize their backup by the sheer volume of games.

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The Kraken have a stretch of four video games in six nights
The Flames play 5 games in 8 nights
The Oilers play eight times in 13 nights

Hey, you have to play the video games, and you need to win the games for this to pay off. From a corner of the universe that so typically gets the raw end of the deal– flying thousands of miles versus taking trains like they do out east– this is an unusual win for the remote village of Vancouver

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